Wednesday April 23
Today: 11:30 - midnight
1821 Scarth Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
 Sister Restaurant

Anderson Valley TAP TAKE-OVER starts today at 4 pm!
Ten different beers on tap all at once. We're super excited about this brewery from California. Matt made tasting notes for a tasting flight you can have for only $10. Pick four and see what you love.
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March 17th is our big Birthday Bash (coincidentally it is also St. Patricks's Day) Hmmm. Wonder what that could mean…?

Mar. 21st A full-on Five Course Tasting Dinner hosted by Le Trou du Diable Brewery from Shawnigan Quebec. Meet the brewer, sample his beers while feasting on an exquisite meal. Prices & reservations available soon.

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No, they’re not really related but after 20 years of playing rugby, working, & engaging in general shenanigans together the Beer Brothers may as well be. Local restaurateurs and owners of the Willow on Wascana – in March 2008 the boys opened Beer Bros. Bakery & Cuisine in the heart of downtown Regina. Named for its innovative feature ‘Beer Cuisine’ infused with the distinctive flavours of a wide variety of beers. Beer Bros. Bakery & Cuisine has the ex’beer’ience you’re looking for, whether it is a casual upscale Dining Room, a warm and inviting Beer Bar, a roomy but comfortable Private Room, or a catering for your business or group.
“Beer cuisine stems from the idea that beer is the new wine. Different beers have unique tastes and characteristics and all menu choices have some type of beer used as an ingredient,” says Chef Malcolm Craig. In addition, beer pairings are suggested that complement each meal, elevating the dining experience. “It hadn't really been done in Saskatchewan, but people sure love it.”
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